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I T Outsource with owner Tom Solomon started out in November of 2001 working with local cable TV providers to facilitate the rollout of their high speed cable Internet product. Working with many of the local businesses we developed relationships by helping with their in-house Information Technology needs. This interaction formed a trust and allowed us build a solid client base.   

Benefits of Using Out Services

Data Center

  • Same day service - normally within a few hours
    24/7 assistance available
    Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff
    Locally owned private data center
    Remote backups to our data center
    Instant remote support with TeamViewer
    Equipment leasing 
    Website design and maintenance 
    Free Information Technology consultations
    Service contracts available to fit your budget 
    Rock bottom pricing on Dell Notebook, PC computers and servers 

Keeping Your Business Online

Digital I T Support Techs

 Instant support with Remote Access Tech Support. If you are having problems with your computer and have a working broadband Internet connection then a certified support technician from IT Outsource is only seconds away.